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One Last Ovation For Mr. Robin Williams



You made us laugh, you made us cry, you taught us that laughter can be the best medicine, you made us think, and reflect about the possibilities of what dreams may come.

Thank you


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Asked by whitelotise:


5. An anime I can’t stand
Hmmm I’m not really sure…there are a lot that I haven’t seen…the ones I don’t like tend to be ones in which I’m not particularly fond of the art style

20. Sub or Dub?
I like them both, but I think I prefer dubs

21. If I could have any anime character’s hair style, who would it be
someone with fun colors or hair that behaves nicely

22. Manga or Anime?
Depends on the series

…what happened to 23 and 24?

25. If any of my friends or family watches anime
My sister has seen some Avatar…and that’s about it for my family.
Friends on the other hand, yes. They introduced me to anime, they cosplay with me, do panels, and all that fun stuff! THANK YOU to starknjarvis for introducing me to Hetalia because that really got me into most everything :)

26. If I listen to any anime music
I listen to the Hetalia songs and sometimes instrumental backgrounds from different animes, but none of it’s high up there in my music favorites

27. If I’m following any ongoing anime series
Well…I follow some but I don’t watch them til they’re out like on DVD or Netflix, so no? maybe?

28. If I’ve ever been to an anime club
I have not

29. If I’ve ever cried over an anime
Yes. I can’t remember if I’ve cried while watching, but I have cried over anime

30. What my last anime wallpaper was
I actually can’t recall if I’ve ever had an anime wallpaper…if I did, it was probably some really beautiful hetalia fanart


Asked by tomvanbeast:

12 and 15!

12. My favorite anime character of all time
Starting out with the difficult ones I see >.< ummm I’m going to do a top five from different animes because I’m indecisive. So, here are my five favorites in no particular order: Hanajima (Fruits Basket), Canada (Hetalia), Charlotte (Madoka Magica), the Hitachiin twins (Ouran), and either Sebastian or the Undertaker (Black Butler)

15. An anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it


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Put a number in my ask and I'll tell you my...

  • 1. My first anime
  • 2. My favorite anime
  • 3. The first anime character I was obsessed with
  • 4. My anime OTP
  • 5. An anime I can’t stand
  • 6. An anime I want to watch
  • 7. An anime I never finished
  • 8. The most recent anime I finished
  • 9. An anime I never thought of watching but fell in love with
  • 10. My favorite genre of Anime
  • 11. Shonen or Shojo
  • 12. My favorite anime character of all time
  • 13. An anime that I introduced to a friend
  • 14. The anime that I am currently watching
  • 15. An anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it
  • 16. If I own any anime merchandise
  • 17. Yaoi or Yuri
  • 18. If I’ve ever been to an anime convention
  • 19. Who is my favorite anime voice actor
  • 20. Sub or Dub?
  • 21. If I could have any anime character’s hair style, who would it be
  • 22. Manga or Anime?
  • 25. If any of my friends or family watches anime
  • 26. If I listen to any anime music
  • 27. If I’m following any ongoing anime series
  • 28. If I’ve ever been to an anime club
  • 29. If I’ve ever cried over an anime
  • 30. What my last anime wallpaper was


Where I’ve been

hey tumblr~

Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA recently. I went to Minnesota, and then Victoria moved into my house. Then we had our first art table at AkaiCon in Nashville, and just this past weekend we were at the Steampunk Expo in Chattanooga at the Milton’s Emporium table :D


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after what feels like literally the longest week of my life working on it my marauder’s map dress for leakycon is DONE!! as a side note, i literally never want to use another fine point sharpie in my life.

katherine1753  At least one of us needs to recreate this cosplay some day because OH MY GOD LOOK HOW PERFECT. (The Room of Doom would need to be front and center, of course)




We’re at akaicon! Come say hi if you’re here!! Victoria and I have a table (the Fancy Tomatle) against the wall in the dealer/artist room :D


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the 7th harry potter book was released july 21st 2007 that is exactly 7 years ago today

today’s the day to make a horcrux y’all


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Purple: 10 facts about my room.
Blue: 9 facts about my family.
Green: 8 facts about my body
Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
Orange: 6 facts about my home town.
Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).
Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
White: 3 facts about my personality.
Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

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GUYS! I’m finally going to make the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List


I finally have a week off from uni (yaayyy) and some free time, and I’m going to set up the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List to attach to my blog, because having other dia-badasses to talk and connect with can make life with type 1 that little bit easier 

So, if all the Type 1 Diabetics of Tumblr could reblog this and spread the word, I’ll set it up this week. 


I was tagged by starknjarvis :D

My questions:
1. What movie or TV show has made you cry the most (like actual tears)?
I’ve answered this about movies so I think I’ll do tv! Ummmm probably Sherlock, Supernatural, or Glee

2. What’s your favorite holiday?
Halloween or Christmas!

3. How many languages can you speak/understand?
English, some Spanish, some German, a few words in French and Italian just from hearing my friends talk and reading fanfiction
It’s easiest for me to understand another language when I’m reading it

4. Would you rather live somewhere rural, suburban, or urban?

5. Do you have any nOTPs that are a really popular ship?
Oh goodness probably…now I’m blanking on popular ships >.< umm germancest, thorki, wincest, probably more I don’t even know

6. Favorite show Tumblr has convinced you to watch?
HA well tumblr helped with supernatural, doctor who, and Sherlock, although @starknjarvis was more convincing
Scrubs…hmm…it makes me want to watch Merlin

7. What was your first Tumblr url?
The same as it is now

8. Are most of your friends aware of your sexuality (no matter what it is?)
I…I don’t know? Do they? I’m gonna say not most, and I’m gonna say pansexual
One of my friends from high school just asked me if Victoria was my friend or girlfriend even though we’ve been dating for almost two years and it’s been on Facebook for almost one so…yeah

9. Other than Tumblr, what’s your favorite website?
YouTube and Netflix
Google and Wikipedia if I need something
Oh and imdb is super helpful

10.What’s at the top of your Netflix queue right now? (or some equivalent, if you don’t have Netflix)
Gosh my Netflix queue had over 100 things in it. A bunch of anime friends have recommended, a bunch of movies I found, scrubs, and a documentary about aliens

11. Which book have you read the most times in your life?
One of the Harry Potter books, And Then There Were None, or probably a whole assortment of children’s books


Hetalia Ships

Hey Hetalians! 
It would be really helpful if y’all could take a few minutes to vote for your favorite ships. You can pick up to 20 of the options or list more in the “other” box :)
Signal boosting would be much appreciated as well

Thank you so much!


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The Sims

Buy Mode 1


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