Anime Southeast

So Anime Southeast was such an awesome con!!

My friend has most of the pictures so here are 2 that were on my phone :)

I was Pirate Spain for most of the con (and Loki and Prussia for a few hours)

We got to see Todd Haberkorn so many times! He liked my tomato and my drawing :)

3 other Prussias and I went on a mission to find/avoid Russia, but Belarus scared us away :P

We got to hang out with so many awesome new people! Romano, Prussia, England, Greece, America, France, Italy, chibitalias, chibi Romanos, Canadas, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, EVERYONE :D

THEN I got to be in the Hetalia Dating Game panel! I’ve always wanted to be in a panel, and the most awesome group of Hetalia people found me and let me be on their panel since they needed a Spain! It was so much fun! I was bachelor/bachelorette #1 and I got picked by Mafia Romano, who was super awesome/nice/yay!

Super awesome con!! :D
…and I say awesome too much :P

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